Vega M-BUS-1

M-BUS to LoRaWAN® converter

Price on request

The Vega M-BUS-1 converter is designed for reading data from devices with M-BUS interface with subsequent accumulation and transfer of this information via LoRaWAN® protocol to the gateway by means of radio communication at frequencies of the range 860-1000 MHz.
The battery for the converter is an irreplaceable battery, designed for a lifetime of up to 10 years. With battery power, the converter operates as Class A LoRaWAN® device. The converter can operate from an external power source with a voltage of 10 ... 36 V. In that case, the converter operates as Class C device.
In addition, the M-BUS-1 converter has two security inputs that trigger the alarm message to the gateway.
Converter M-BUS-1 may operate in two modes. Converter can be used for any utilities’ meters and industrial equipment with M-BUS interface while it operates in the transparent mode. But in the independent poll mode of the metering devices converter can be used only with the next supported devices:

  • Heat meter «Teplouchet-1»
  • Heat meter «STE 21 «Berill»
  • Heat meter «Danfoss Sonometer 500»
  • Heat meter «ELF-M Teplovodomer»
  • Heat meter «WESER Heat Meter»
  • Heat meter «Kamstrup Multical 801»
  • Heat meter «Kamstrup Multical 402»
  • Heat meter «Landis Gir T230 ULTRAHEAT» (support is possible by individual order)
  • Heat meter «Sharky 775»

The list of supported meters is depend on firmware version, so you should clarify the issue of support for a particular meter when ordering.


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